Golden Hat Jewellery Designs

Golden Hat Jewellery Designs

Mary Molumby creates handmade fused dichroic glass jewellery and wall display art pieces.

Mary has been trained in jewellery design and craft having a long-established background as an artist and holistic practitioner. Colour, texture and light reflection has drawn the designer to this form of glass jewellery. Each piece is unique and depending on the reaction to the high temperatures when fusing in the kiln the glass piece can present in any form and design firing the imagination.
Dichroic Glass contains a mixture of metals of gold silver and other coloured oxides which is fused with systems coe 96/90 glass resulting in a beautiful coloured design.
Each piece is cut, designed, created and finally fused in the kiln at very high temperatures. The glass pieces melt together forming a soft curving on the outside of the piece whilst retaining the individual colours within. The pendants are soft on the skin and are very easy to wear.
Some pieces are made with crushed coloured systems 96 coe or 90 coe glass creating a design representing sea waves or other elemental aspects.

Mary says, “I live in a country area surrounded by mountains, old cottages, trees and an endless array of beautiful greenery with the energetic River Suir running close by. Daily I witness the seasonal colours, light energy and mood of the natural landscape and blue skies. This environment captures my imagination and creativity. With my background as an art therapist and a designer, I am inspired to recreate some of these therapeutic aspects in my glass art pieces and fused dichroic jewellery.
This concept is reflected in each piece of jewellery and glass wall art that I create which have a magnetic resonance that has an ability to bring about a feeling of peace, wellbeing and spiritual connection to the source within.”

Browse some of Mary’s beautiful pieces here.

Mary Molumby