Feene Leather handbags

Feene Leather handbags

The creator of Feene Bags, Frank Cullinane has spent all my working life working in the leather industry with over thirty years spent working in Irish Leathers as a leather technician in the finishing department.

Portlaw was always known as the Tannery Town and at its height employed over five hundred people. Following its closure in 1985, on the invitation of the owner of a large handbag factory Frank spent months learning all aspects of handbag manufacture. Following which he set up his own company Feene Leathers, the name Feene is derived from the letters of the first names of his family.

Feene Leathers only use top quality leather and suede in the crafting of their bags which are personally made from start to finish and some with designs that are only available from Feene Leather Bag Company.

Feene Leather Handbags are available at many fashion boutiques across the country or you can browse Feene Leather handbags here.

Frank Cullinane